Updates for the week of 12/4/23

*** Our new phone number is 931-252-5656 ***

**** New barrels arriving 12/5/23 ****

We receive barrels from Bartlein, Krieger & Brux monthly. If we don't have
what you're looking for in stock use the 'Notify Me' on the product page for
fastest notification.
We have hundreds of actions on order from Defiance, Impact, Zermatt,
Terminus & Kelbly.
  • Impact 737 short 308's and 223's coming 12/4/23
  • New Defiance Classic actions in SA 308 & LA 308 $900 with 20moa pic *** limited time pricing ***
  • Brux 7 mm barrels in 12/5/23
  • Terminus Titan 375CT in stock
  • BUGHOLES Impact wrench
  • M16 extractor installs on Remington 700 bolts - Right and left hand
  • 7-10 day turn around on fluting, commercial pricing available.

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- Ronald Reagan