Southern Precision Rifles began its life around 2009 as a one man shop, owned and operated by me, Greg Young. I have done the receiving, processing, inventory, ordering, phone support, Gunsmithing, sweeping, cleaning, R&D, and everything else on the list from the very beginning. My wife would pack and ship every day to keep me on other tasks. Sometimes the kids help to build barrel boxes, but this is a small business with a pretty big impact on the precision shooting industry

I am a college dropout who didn't know what he wanted to do in life. Shortly thereafter I found interest in cooking, and went to school to be a professional chef. I worked in the best local restaurants in Baltimore, MD for several years before we headed to greener pastures in Naples, FL. In Florida I was a kitchen manager in most restaurants and hotels I worked in. I continued my culinary career for several years but was eventually was drawn to the green waters of the Gulf of Mexico and operating a mobile marine service. I ran this marine business for a few years and then bought it out, after doubling its revenue in two years. Captaining private yachts, doing yacht repair, running fishing charters in the Gulf of Mexico, and delivering yachts up and down the eastern seaboard of the US and Bahamas for about 15 years...all the while enjoying the outdoors, fishing and shooting whenever possible

In a few years, I turned a shooting hobby into a business, quickly realizing the need to get premium rifle components without the excessive waits. I started reselling and gunsmithing on a small scale, and pretty quickly expanded into a web store and e-commerce. We now reside in the green hills of Tennessee, distanced from the saltwater, but 100% immersed in shooting. Theres a 100, 200, and 400 yard range at the house, and an 1100 yard range right down the road.

In 2014 we added our first CNC lathe to increase production for chambering and gunsmithing. In 2017 I hired my first employee and we began to ramp up production even more. Summer of 2019 marked the introduction of our office manager, Russ, who has happily taken my place on the phone and computer, freeing me up to spend more time developing new parts and services. We have added a few more CNC machines that have enabled us to improve quality and throughput of parts and services, and continue the innovative direction that people have expected from us. We currently employ 4 people and still struggle to keep up with demand. I think you will find the parts, service, selection, and gunsmithing provided by SPR to be the best there is. Many have copied this business plan, but SPR continues to lead the way

and so here we are now...

My son and I after shooting some small groups from the 1000 yard line, just before leaving Florida, summer 2014

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