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  • Pre-fit barrels have a lead time of approximately 8 weeks if we have the barrel.
  • Price listed DOES NOT include the barrel price or muzzle threading.**
BugNut Pre-fit $250 *** We are halting production on the Bugnut - check with us to see what we have available ***
  • Can use any barrel contour but the Savage contours
  • Must use 1.200" or 1.250 breech barrels.
  • Can be used for R700, Defiance, Stiller, Surgeon, Bighorn, Kelblys Atlas tactical, Tikka, Savage small shank actions, etc...
  • 16, 18, and 20 TPI nuts available.
  • Breech face marked with chambering.
  • for use with the BugNut barrel nut only

Ruger Precision Rifle RPR 308 pre-fit $270, Magnum & 338 Lapua $320
  • 1.00x16 TPI in a variety of contours and manufacturers.
  • Breech face marked with chambering.

Savage, Bighorn, and Mausingfield 20TPI Pre-fit $270

  • Uses Savage barrel nut.
  • Must use Savage small shank contour barrels.
  • Breech face marked with chambering

Remage 16TPI Pre-fit$250

  • Must use small shank barrel contours only.
  • Uses Savage style barrel nut (with 16TPI threads).
  • Can be used for R700, Defiance, Stiller, Surgeon, etc.
  • Breech face marked with chambering.

Shouldered Pre-fit $325

  • Accuracy International, Terminus, Defiance
  • Bighorn/Zermatt, Impact 737, Kelbly
  • any manufacturer, any appropriate contour
  • engraved with chambering around breech circumference.
  • action does not need to be present, headspace made to a standard
  • Threads made to 3A GO standard

Shouldered, Timed, and Engraved Pre-fit $350

  • Any manufacturer, any contour.
  • ***These barrels are only made after handling and measuring an action by S.P.R. one time.***
  • Curvature of bore timed, if necessary.
  • Properly placed engraving on the outside of barrel, above the stock line.