Updates for the week of 1/13/20

  • We have 9 new and used rifles in the Garage Sale section
  • Defiance long 308 with controlled round feed, 3 Pos safety and tuned Jewell trigger
  • Stiller TAC408 1.6" Single Shots in stock
  • Proof Research 30 cal 9 twist Sendero 26" back in stock
  • Bartlein 6.5mm 8 twist SS Remington Varmint 24" Chambered 6.5 Creedmoor for Savage Sm Shank in Garage Sale
  • BugEye scope turret magnifier in the Odd's n Ends area
  • 3 day turn around on fluting, commercial pricing available - now offering barrel contouring
  • All pre-fits running about 5 weeks. Check out the pre-fit page to see what we can do for you
  • SPR AIAX rear bag riders are now available black, FDE, and unfinished - in the Odds & Ends section

  • “People demand freedom of speech as a
    compensation for the freedom of thought
    which they seldom use.”

    Søren Kierkegaard