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Cookeville Precision Rifle Matches

Break out your muskets and test your skills in our precision rifle matches!

We intend to have 3 to 5 One Day matches per year. All matches will be held on a working cattle farm in Cookeville, Tennessee. This will be dubbed a "Hometown" match as you can expect good shooting, good food, good scenery, and good company.

You can expect targets from 10 to 1100 yards in rolling hills and unpredictable winds. You WILL be shooting at some small targets and see some "old fashioned" elements from years back which may include stages like a true KYL and varying point value targets. Some matches may include a stage pistol that everyone will use for equal scoring potential. Rifle round count will be 100 rounds or less, bring more for zeroing, etc.

We will also be implementing a scoring bonus for shooters running 308s or 223s (NO Ackley Improveds). You will earn an extra 10% of your points on top of your standard score, so a 70 point score at the end of the day plus 10% bonus (7 points) would get you a final score of 77. We are trying to level the playing field a little. Muzzle velocity will be limited to 3200FPS and we will not be allowing any MAGNUMS, short, long, or otherwise

Match flow will be at a moderate pace. Groups will often need to move into different areas at the same time so you may have a little down time to BS and meet new people. We will also break for lunch and head back to the sign in area to eat some good grub. We want you to take your time, socialize, and enjoy yourself!

The address to the property is:
4845 Cookeville Boat Dock Rd
Baxter, TN 38506

The property is on both sides of the street, so please follow visual signage for parking, sign in, etc
A 100 yard zero range will be available before each match

You can contact Match Director Michael Busby for any additional info
Michael Busby

You can see photos and results from past matches
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Cookeville Hometown 1-day 12/14/2019
Cookeville Hometown 1-day 12/14/2019
Our Price: $100.00

Match fees are NON-REFUNDABLE but are transferrable to another shooter for the same match more info
  • The land we shoot on is a working cattle farm. PLEASE keep this in mind and RESPECT The property and the property owner.
  • The parking area is located on both sides of the road at 4845 Cookeville Boat Dock Rd, Baxter, TN 38506
  • Please arrive for sign in and squad selection by 7AM central time. (Cookeville, TN)
  • Zero range will be open at 7:00 AM, match brief will begin at 7:30 AM, rounds downrange at 8:00 AM.
  • We will break for lunch as a group and you will most likely have time to socialize and/or grab stuff from your vehicle if needed.
  • We hope to be finished with the match as soon as possible as we know many folks will be coming from out of town.
  • There are many hotels in Cookeville, the closest being located at I-40 and S Jefferson Ave. (10 minutes from the range)

Course of Fire:
  • You can complete the course of fire with 100 rifle rounds. If pistol is introduced then a stage pistol and ammo will be provided.
  • Match flow will be moderate. We want you to have fun and enjoy each stage. We want quality over quantity regarding the stages.
  • You can expect to shoot in/from rolling hills, hay fields, barricades, elevated prone tower, wire spools, farm equipment, etc.
  • Expect a mix of mostly AR500 steel targets and some paper targets.
  • Maximum target range is 1100 yards. Most engagements will be between 150 and 1100 yards.
  • Most of our matches will see 8-10 stages for the day. Points per target will vary depending on difficulty. (ie: a 100-yard full size IPSC shot standing might be worth 1 point per hit, while a 10” plate at 1,000 yards might be worth 2 to 3 points)
  • ALL FIREARMS MUST remain “cold”, with bolt back and mag out, unless on the firing line and under the direction of an RO
  • Expect a few stages to have “movement” between shooting positions.
  • There will not be a prize table.

Allowable cartridges and gear/equipment:
  • Muzzle velocity must be 3200FPS or below. NO steel core ammo, AP, or any projectiles that will damage our targets.
  • No magnum calibers of any kind. (ie: 300WM, 6.5 SAUM, 338 LM)
  • Shooters who compete with 223 Remington or 308 Winchester calibers will get a bonus of 10% added to their score at the end of the day. We are doing this because there is a significant disadvantage to using these cartridges compared to our favorite 6mm and 6.5mm’s and the wind at our range is unpredictable and challenging. Plus, if you get beat by a .223 or .308 while using your 6mm Ackley Improved inverted ballistic tipped nitro rifle…..well, you know what your buddies will say.
  • Any and all bags, pillows, bipods, tripods, etc are allowed unless otherwise dictated for a specific stage.

The property, parking, movement:
  • This is a working cattle farm, there will be cow patties. Close the gates behind you !!
  • Meeting and sign in areas are outside of the land owners house. Please be respectful.
  • Tent and RV camping will be allowed; however, NO electricity service or water service is available for campers. (bring a generator)
  • Please park in designated areas. Please carpool to the shooting areas. UTV’s, Side-by-Side’s, and ATV’s are welcome.
  • Please come in a 4WD drive vehicle if possible. Movement between areas can be muddy, especially when crossing creek beds.
  • You should be able to access your personal vehicle in the sign in area mid-day when we break for lunch.
  • Walking distance between areas will be minimal.

  • Weather here is unpredictable, please prepare accordingly. Bring rain gear and proper attire regardless of the weather forecast.
  • There may be flies, but mosquitoes are generally not prevalent. Bring insect repellent if you’re concerned.
  • There is not a lot of shaded areas, please plan accordingly. Bring a hat or other item to shade the sun if needed.
  • Water coolers will be provided, please bring a refillable water bottle.