Defiance Outcast Short Action Muzzleloader RH
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Defiance Outcast Short Action Muzzleloader RH

The OUTCAST is a precision bolt action designed specifically for building modern muzzle loading rifles. It is designed to use the Hankins Ignition System – Made by Hankins Precision Gun Parts (Standard Bolt Face [.473”] modules), or Arrowhead Rifles Gen 2 muzzleloader ignition system.

**** This is a serialized receiver and must be shipped to an FFL ****

The OUTCAST Action
utilizes a “shell holder” type bolt face allowing the module to be conveniently loaded and unloaded. The bolt stop is positioned so the shell holder is always easy to get to and the solid bottom receiver prevents the module from falling into hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, the f
iner 20 T.P.I. thread allows for more hoop strength in the barrel. Comes with a 20moa pic rail.

Updates for the week of 1/16/23

**** Defiance has raised their prices significantly ****
**** What we have listed is the old price and when those are gone the new pricing will be in effect ****

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