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We flute barrels on CNC machinery with flood coolant and offer a wide variety of fluting patterns. Most of our patterns are highly flexible and we can change lead in lengths, helix rates, and vary cutting depths from breech end to muzzle end, etc. We can also do unique patterns you wont see in other shops like Spiral Flats, Wave flutes, and Gain Twist spiral. The nature of our setup allows for any reasonable number of flutes. We can also flute barrels that have already been cerakoted without scratching the painted finish. Fluting turn around time is generally 2-4 days after receiving payment.


6 Straight Flutes $120

8 Straight Flutes $150
(greater than 8 flute is available, please call)

Spiral Flats $180
this can be done on all barrels from sporter weight to heavy benchrest barrels. Weight reduction
is negligible. An SPR exclusive

Wave Fluting $150
8, 10, and 12 flute patterns available. these flutes have no straight lines, only curves. An SPR exclusive

Gain Twist Spiral flutes $150

right or left spiral, a constantly varying helix from breech to muzzle over the length of the flute
Another SPR exclusive

Diamond Fluting $180
this is a very aggressive pattern with high weight reduction, changing helix shortens the diamonds into squares

6-7 Spiral Flutes $150
our standard spiral flutes. can be right or left spiral with any realistic helix you want spiral flutes have slightly more weight reduction than straight because the flute width is wider. We also offer straight or spiral lead in.

8-10 Spiral Flutes $165
can be done on sporter barrels or heavy barrels, we change the cutter diameter based on flute count and barrel

12 Spiral Flutes $180
Generally for heavy barrels, we use narrower cutter width

Micro Spiral Flutes $150
We can use narrower cutter width for 6-7 flutes as well

Brux Interrupted Flutes $150
a downright copy of the Brux pattern because of popular demand. Weight reduction is minimal
8-12 flute patterns available based on barrel circumfrence

Bolt Fluting

Remington and Tikka
Spiral Flute $70
Diamond Flute $80