Updates for the week of 8/19/19

  • Bartlein 375 8 twist 33" - one left
  • New Proof 6.5mm 8 Twist 22" Senderos
  • Defiance Tenacity Long Mags back in stock - one remaining
  • New Bartlein shipment now in inventory
  • Just arrived - 6MM & 6.5MM Hawk Hill barrels
  • Defiance Deviant Tactical 338 Lapuas in stock
  • NEW - Curtis Helix Long Action Magnums
  • 3 day turn around on fluting, commercial pricing available - now offering barrel contouring
  • Bighorn TL3 and SR3 long mag actions in stock
  • SPR AIAX rear bag riders are now available black, FDE, and unfinished - in the Odds & Ends section
  • We have Curtis Axioms 308 & SA Mag in stock
  • All pre-fits running about 4 weeks. Check out the pre-fit page to see what we can do for you
  • Stiller TAC408 1.6" Single Shots, TAC338 Repeaters and Predator long mags in stock
  • Defiance Tenacity 308 with nitrided bolts in stock
  • Defiance Tenacity 223 and Deviant Tactical 223 actions in stock
  • Kelbly Atlas Tactical Short 308s in stock

“The inherent vice of capitalism
is the unequal sharing of blessings;
inherent vice of socialism is
the equal sharing of miseries.”

Winston Churchill